Cynthia T. Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Rafael Alberto Grillo Avila—Parkland Magnet High School, Winston-Salem, NC

Attending Princeton University

Nathaniel P. Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Damaris Betsaida Ramirez—Parkland Magnet High School, Winston-Salem, NC

Attending Meredith College



With the help of senior department of education decision-makers, Kwasi Asare (Special Assistant, Office of Innovation and Improvement) and Karen Cator (Director, Office of Educational Technology), and panelists Richard Bernstein, Larry Goldberg and Linda Roberts, NCTI conference participants explored the range of existing barriers and some solutions in the works.
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Applying to college can be among the most bewildering experiences in the life of an American teenager. And it’s no picnic for that teenager’s family, either. Through this blog, my New York Times colleagues and I hope to serve as a regular online companion and resource to those of you running this gantlet — particularly high-school juniors and seniors, as well as their parents and counselors, and even admissions officers. Read more on The Choice